Thursday, January 17, 2008

R is for Roommate; R is for Rice Pudding

I'm so SENSITIVE today! If you cross paths with me, be extra nice, because I'm all hormonal or something. It's not attractive. Speaking of not attractive, you should have seen me when I woke up this morning. I looked like a bad Elvis impersonator. It's amazing how many directions very thick short hair can fly. Made me scream.

M and I had a tiff having to do with rice pudding. I will spare you the details, but now you have an idea of my state. Even rice pudding is somehow an emotional topic.

ReALITY CHECK, jasmin! Wake up and smell the coffee beans! The worst part of being in a crappy mood is realizing that you have little right to be in a crappy mood.

Here's some good news, then: I am constantly inspired and awed by the incredible volunteers who come out on behalf of the animals. They come to me bright-eyed and full of ideas and they want to be plugged in. It blows my mind!

In other awe-inspired news, where would I be with my roommate (who I'll call R)? She takes care of the cat and the house for most of the week when I'm downtown. She works 95 jobs (at last count) and still manages to vacuum (usually). The room she rents is the size of a large closet and yet she has figured out how to keep all of her things organized and CUTE! She tells me she thinks it is awesome what I'm doing, and yet she is the one who has these peaceful Buddhist ways that I wish I could ingest. Truly, R is the awesome one. She's a darn good NIA teacher, too, and I highly suggest you take her classes. When I look at my life and think of the people I trust most--the friends I don't necessarily talk to every day but still feel like they are there for good, Rachel (oops) is who comes to mind. Every time I come home, she says, "so, did you save the animals today?"

Which reminds me, back to work... I have to save up to buy some yummy (but pricey!) rice pudding from Lifethyme.

Article of the day
: Foes decline cloning rule.

M quote of the day:

me: (in defense of me being difficult) "You're madly in love with me!"
M: (in jest) "I'm mad that I love you!"

(oy vey.)