Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On my mind...

The show I saw the other day, C'est Duckie, involved a woman laying upside-down on my table with her legs spread-eagle with a bowl of salsa in her crotch. She then fed us nachos with her toes. It was hardly Shakespeare, but a pleasant distraction nonetheless.

Speaking of pleasant distractions, I brought in the end of 2007 with a delicious dinner at my favorite restaurantt. The city as a whole seemed staggeringly void of New Yorkers, replaced instead by international tourists. Walking Rose at close to midnight made me feel like a tourist as I eavesdropped on countless conversations that were in languages I didn't recognize. Which reminds me, I have got to find my passport.

With the New Year brings reflection. I heard from a friend of mine whom I met during a Sowing Seeds workshop last fall. After a conversation she and I had regarding confronting your own privilege (including how it results in oppressing others), she posted a blog entry about her feelings regarding inequality and when you stop cashing in on your own unjust benefits. I don't know the answer to this quandary except to say that the first step is to realize how you are oppressed IN ADDITION TO how you are oppressing others (and read this). I do know that having the discussion openly with those of different groups and subsets is imperative, and acting on behalf of those with less power than you is necessary. Obviously I am barely even touching on this much greater issue, but it is on my mind, and so I'm talking about it.

Perhaps I am a bit scattered today, but I am writing this on my lunch break and I keep accidentally getting soy sauce on the keyboard, which is slowing my thinking process. Hopefully you'll bear with me anyway, even though I might be getting your computer sticky.

Article of the day: Front page of the Food Section of the NY Times, "Still Skinny, but Now They Can Cook." Check it out.