Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lost Actor, Lost Children

I came home a day early from my work-trip due to a cancelled lobbying appointment. I was dead-tired on the way-too-expensive Amtrak trip and after doing some work, my brain decided it needed to melt into some of my trashy lesbian fiction. Thinking only of returning to home and rushing right to bed, my darling friend David called me and offered me five dollar tickets to Spring Awakening. Since my budget does allow for five dollar entertainment from time to time, I said yes. (I met David when I was a company member of Nitestar from 2001-2003. I was walking around a huge building hopelessly looking for my audition when he said "you look like a lost actor." Indeed I fact, I would venture to say that most of my actor-years were lost, but I digress.)

The show was fantastic, with the exception of the high school kids sitting behind us who would not shut up, but more on that in a moment. I particularly liked the woman who played Ilse, and as I write this I am listening to her music on her myspace page. Spring Awakening was sort of like a rock musical about growing up in a dark world full of confusion, where sex is as intriguing as it is painful. (Ain't that the truth!)

Anyway, there were two gay characters and the little brats behind us--who apparently live on another (gay-less) planet (known to some as the suburbs)--kept laughing and making snide comments whenever the gay guys were on stage. When the play ended, my BFF said really loudly: "HIGH SCHOOL KIDS THINK IT'S SO COOL TO MAKE FUN OF GAY PEOPLE. WHAT THEY DON'T REALIZE IS THAT THEY ARE GAY TOO!" The kids looked horrified, uncomfortably giggling and quickly walking away. I was glad that my friend said something (she also saw a woman wearing a fur coat and smartly proclaimed, "There's a lot of dead animals on you!" to which the woman replied "They keep me warm." Bitch.). But today, I wondered if her comment about the high school kids was actually (and accidentally) a dig at gay people? I mean, so what if they're gay, right? For the sake of gay people, I hope they are not. As my grandma always sings: "I'm glad I'm not young anymore." (Obviously I know I still am young. I'm but a fetus in the womb of life. Jesus Christ, stop me....)

During intermission, I ran to the car to put money in the meter. Some tourist scurried out of the hotel nearby and asked if that was my car (it's M's, but close enough). She had seen the "VEGAN" bumper sticker on the back and asked where she could get some good vegan baked goods. I recommended Atlas and Babycakes. I *love* doing vegan outreach while putting money in the meter!

Now it's back to the bump and grind and I'm totally overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. If you have a good system for organizing your life, please do let me know. I manage alright--and some would even say I'm good at it--but I must get better at managing how to multi-task. I welcome all ideas!

Article of the day: Check that Chicken Nugget: It Might Just Be a Plant.