Sunday, November 9, 2008

NYC Walk Round-Up

Here is a much-condensed and much-anticipated wrap-up of the NYC Walk for Farm Animals. In short: Peter Singer was there (and, in reference to our same last name, even joked that it's so nice to see a long-lost relative), Senator Liz Krueger worked her magic, Shokazoba risked electrocution and a parking ticket and showed up on the vegetable-powered Vegan Bus, and torrential rain decorated the skies. I haven't seen a grosser day in a long time, but soggy socks did not stop 440 people from showing up and raising awareness of factory farm cruelty. At the end of the day, this year's NYC Walk for Farm Animals raised over $53,000 for Farm Sanctuary--making it our best NYC Walk EVER. It was truly an honor to be involved with the coordinating-side of this (with the incomparable Cody, who really did all the work, and who is as cute as a button...a really good-looking button), and, of course, all 58 of the Walks throughout the USA and Canada. The numbers are still trickling in for these, and as soon as I have a final, I will let you know--so keep the bets coming.