Saturday, November 29, 2008

Confusion in Zaftig-Land

I recently started a new blog alongside my friends and colleagues, Liz and Casey. It's called Reasoned Radical, and it's a conglomeration of our thoughts on various social justice issues. I like it because, contrary to popular belief, sometimes I get a little tired of hearing myself. It's a nice fresh way of breaking up what this radical has to say, with thoughts from other reasoned radicals. My problem now is that I'm a bit confused as to what this means for Zaftig Vegan. Do I post my blog-posts twice? Do I blog more often? I'm still figuring this out, so for now, please bear with me, and in the mean time, check out Reasoned well as Zaftig Vegan.

To keep things easier for today, here are my two latest Reasoned Radical postings:

Consumed by America talks about a Walmart worker being trampled to death on Black Friday by overeager shoppers (and how that's representative of bigger, deeper problems), and Sacrificial Sham talks about an article I recently read regarding why people are abstaining from marriage (and the irony that the author wouldn't shut up with her ironically sad meat-comparisons).

Happy Zaftig Reasoned reading....